Animals are soft and cute in real life and as stuffed animals they are no different. Animals toys are just as cuddly as our own pet animals. Here at cuddly toys we bring you a selection of soft toys and stuffed animals.


These animals are so lifelike but there will be no danger of these cuddly toys being cold once they have been hugged by penguin lovers everywhere. Enjoy the comfort of these cuddly toys in the warmth of your own home rather than the penguin’s in the arctic.


These cuddly toys certainly are man’s best friend, well you could say they’re everyone’s best friend. Their floppy ears and extremely soft fur make them the perfect companion. They do not require walks, only the odd cuddle and for this they will be your life long friend. Who better to confide in with your secrets than you’re very own cuddly canine.


These soft and cuddly animals are the cheeky toys of our section. These animals love nothing more than to hang around and swing from the trees but they won’t be doing this for long as they swing into our arms for the loving cuddle they deserve.


Rabbit toys are extremely soft and cuddly. With their big floppy ears and bushy tails they are loved by all children and hop around waiting to be cuddled.


These stuffed Tigers are anything but wild. They are soft and cuddly but still have the majestic grace that Tigers are known for.

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